Full Written Report

The Full Written Report will document all aspects of the house in detail with accompanying photos i.e the location, condition, materials and construction methods used.  Moisture testing is carried out around windows and doors with a moisture meter and will be documented if not considered normal and recommendations made.

Verbal Report

The Verbal Report is verbal by nature. Should there be any major concerns, we list these in a bullet point letter outlining as such.

Maintenance Planning

Whether you are dealing with your own residential property, a body corporate complex or a commercial building, there is always continuous maintenance that needs to be completed to keep your asset in good condition.

Mark will inspect the building and give you an easy to follow maintenance plan.

Safe and Sanitary Reports

Due to many of the building structures and alterations in New Zealand having been done before the new building code of compliance regulations came in in 1992, often the bank or insurance company like to ensure the structure is safe and sanitary.

Do not confuse a safe and sanitary report with a letter of acceptance.

A safe and sanitary report is a report provided by an independent inspector stating if a building is “safe and sanitary”. These reports are not logged with the council and carry no weight with the council as such.

A letter of acceptance is a letter provided by a council representative (in some cases) to state the council accept the structure is there, but they accept no liability. We do not do letters of acceptance.

Problem Solving/Consulting

We all hope that when we get a job done that it is done right. Sometimes this is not the case and a mediator or independent opinion is needed.

FBI Ltd is available to assist you to the best of their ability and provide information to help with any building situation as a consultant.

Healthy Home inspections

We will check the five key compliance requirements for Healthy Homes Standards (insulation, ventilation, heating, draught stopping, and moisture control) and provide you with a full audit report.  If the property does not comply, we will advise you on the most cost-effective solution to bring it up to code.

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