Building Inspections Auckland



FBI Ltd has 37 years of experience in the building industry with a common-sense approach to all types of construction.

The purpose of the building inspection report is to give peace of mind to those who are buying, selling (not as a marketing tool) or looking to do general maintenance to a property.

We only do inspection reports. We don’t do renovations, house piling, roof repair or any kind of building work. We can, but we don’t… This would put us in a position of “conflict of interest”.

A comprehensive FBI Ltd house/building inspection is undertaken in accordance with established building inspection standards.

What We Do

  • Domestic and commercial building inspections
  • Unauthorised works reports/safe and sanitary reports
  • Troubleshooting and friendly advice/consultancy
  • Invasive building inspections
  • Maintenance planning

Our Commitment to You!

  • Over 37 years of building experience
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Colour photos
  • Advice on how to fix any issues
  • Reports delivered in 24/48 hours via email
  • Moisture readings and testing
  • Wealth of knowledge
  • Common sense approach and explained in layman’s terms

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